DIY: No-Sew Peplum Belt

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This peplum belt costed less than $5 ($500 JaD) to make and is an easy way to be stay on trend and not break the bank. Use it to update a pencil skirt, a fitted dress or even leggings; use your imagination and the possibilities are limitless.

 This project looks harder than it actually is, it will take about 40 minutes of your time but will have you reaching back for your high school math classes, however, if like me, you get bogged down by math, ask a math aficionado for a little help šŸ˜‰


1 yard leatherette material (60″ wide)
Satin ribbon
Glue gun
Measuring tape (or compass)
Pencil or tailor’s chalk

Use an existing belt to measure your actual waist circumference. Lay the belt with your waist marked down on the reverse side of the fabric. 
Measure the diameter which is the line running across the circle.

After finding the diameter, divide it by 2 to find the radius. This becomes the centre of your circle

Use the compass and pencil to draw the circle, (I used a measuring tape as a guide because I did not have a compass).

After the first circle is drawn, use the same centre then add 7 inches to draw a bigger circle for the drop of the belt.

After cutting out the circle, cut out a pizza shaped figure to form as the belt opening.

Next, try on the belt and trim the excess fabric so that the belt sits on your true waist just at or above the belly button. Trim the belt to fit with little or no overlap.

Finally, glue ribbons on with the satin sides up and voila! you have yourself a one of a kind belt.


Sounds more complicated than it is. The safest thing to do, is to first make a template out of construction paper or unwanted fabric, then lay the template on the  leatherette before tracing and cutting


 Add a belt buckle at the front.
Add studs around the waist.
Try using burgundy leatherette to stay on point with the ox-blood colour trend, or keep it neutral with dark brown fabric and wear over khaki or navy skirts for the office.

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I got this idea from blogger Michele Leng, she used a formula that required using pi; you can visit her blog if you need more clarification on this project.

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